Rentals Housing


A real estate management and investment company has utilized Rentals Housing for 4 years to supervise more than 10.5 million square feet of properties.


Rentalshousing is Canada’s top rated and leading rental service solution designed for property managers and home owners to market property for rent. It provides a custom tailored service of presenting quality apartments and housing rentals to prospect renters and makes this online experience as pleasant as possible. In addition, is also a great online portal for homeowners who want to make business by earning steady passive cashflow from their rental properties – house for rent.


The real estate management group implemented a property management process making use of VaultWare. Vaultware features automated updates such as current rentals pricing and the exact date of availability of those rents. Moreover, the solution persuades potential renters to start the leasing process by letting them to make reservations of apartments that suit their needs. In fact, annually, there are more than 15 million apartment renters using VaultWare to aid them in their apartment hunting.


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